Alaska Nights, episode 6

He was out cold.She moved her hand to my knee, "How are you doing Ted?Are you still with us?"I held her hand to my knee, "I'm still here.....see?"All evening she had been groping my cock on the dance floor and humping me so that I could feel her cunt on my thigh.I figured she hadn't lost her interest so I moved her hand up my leg towards my crotch.I felt her hand resist for just a second then relax.I placed her hand on my pants where my hard-on was emerging.She tentatively felt it with her fingertips.I pushed her hand down on my cock and she wrapped her hand around it through the cloth.I unzippedand then placed her hand on my naked cock.Again, herhand resisted only momentarily.I heard her catch her breath.Dot looked at me in the rearview mirror and smiled.

"Oh my gawd!This is sinful, Ted."Then as she squeezed my cock, "Oh gawd, what will I tell the priest in confession?"

Dot turned her eyes from the road and told her laughing, "Tell him you were drunk, Tina!"Martina pulled her hand away from me and straightened up in her seat, "Oh lord, Dot, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done......"Dot didn't let her finish.

"Don't worry about it Tina.Iknow how you like to flirt with my husband.You're not the first woman I seen with her hands in my husband's pants."Then laughing again, "I don't mind and he certainly doesn't either. "

Not sounding too convinced but laughing, "It's still a sin," she responded.

The drive was longer than usual because of the snow and we still had a few miles to go on the two lane road leading out of town.After a few minutes of silence,Martinaglanced backto look at Jim who was snoring and then looked to see what I had in my hand.In the darkness, shecould barely see my lapwhere I was lazily stroking my cock.She turned in her seat and shook Jim's knee with her hand again.Then she moved it to my knee.She wanted me to take the leadso I took her hand again and placed it on my hard-on.She wrapped her fingers around it and stroked slowly.I pulled my hand away and she continued stroking.Dot reached over and put her right hand on Martina's knee.

When we got to house, it took all three of us to get Jim inside and to bed.Once we had him tucked in we went into the living room where Martinatuned the radio for dance music.She wasn't finished yet.She wanted to drink and dance some more. She was hot.We three danced wildly mostly holding her up.She didn't seem to mind the feeling up we were both giving her and she kept rubbing herself on both of us.I grasped her tits and she would laugh and say, "No-no-no.That's not nice."We held her up between us facing me as we did a slow sultry dance.Martina reached down to my crotch and feltmy cock rubbing against her thigh.Dot's arms were around her reaching down between our crotches.Dot felt Martina's hands fumbling for my cock so she unbuckled my trousers and pulled them down.She found it and grasped it firmly to stroke me again as we danced.Dot's hands moved up to Martina's breasts.

"Oh lord, what is going on with me?I'm so fucking horny! I can't stop!" Dot nuzzled and nibbled her neck.

She leaned heavily against my chest as she pulled on my cock.From behind, Dot lifted her skirt and we both felt her ass.Dot's fingers delved into the drunken woman's crotch from behind.Her pussydripped on my wife's fingers.She collapsed to her knees on the floor between us.Her mouth found my hard-on and she sucked eagerly.Dot knelt behind her and found her cunt again, and rubbed it lavishly with open palm, then when her fingers were wet withjuices she inserted two fingers into her.Dot used both hands to finger-fuck her.With her right hand Dot reached around to diddle her clit.Her left hand's index and middle fingers were buried in hairy cunt-lips.

I looked down at her swallowing my cock and to see my wife lay on her back up inching up so that her face disappeared under Martina's ass. I could see Dot's hands on Tina's hips and I felt Martina lower herself slightly and moan around my cock, "Mmmm! Fuck! Dot!" My wife's fingers were also busy with her own pussy.

Martina was humming on my engorged cock and I told her, "I'm going to cum, Tina.I'm cumming, baby."

But she wouldn't let go."Um, hum! Uh hum! Uh hum!"I couldn't told back especially while I watched my wife's shiny wet fingers sliding in and out of her pussy.

I also saw Jim standing in the darkened hallway just out of sight.He was naked from the waist down and he was jerking off as he watched his wife being ravaged by his two best friends.

I let my load go and my hips jerked as it shot out into her hot mouth.I jerked, she sucked and swallowed. I jerked again and she sucked some more.Then without openingher mouth still fastened firmly to my prick she screamed, "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"She came in Dot's mouth.When she pulled her mouth from my throbbing member, she muttered, "Lord-a-mercy, we're going to hell.....but gawd, it's so good!"Then she crumpled to the floor.Dot and I lifted her to the couch.I felt her soaked pussy and slipped my fingers in to get a taste of what it was going to feel like before I fucked her.

I could tell my wife couldn't wait to get home to have her cum. She had been horny since with left the club, fooling first with Karen and now Martina. Dot knelt close and whispered, "I'm going to find Jim."For a while, I wondered how Dot was doing then I heard them both moaning and grunting loudly, especially Dot. Meanwhile, Martina stirred and twisted on my fingers so she wasn't completely unconscious. I climbed on top of her andspread her legs then lowered my hips between them. She moaned loudly as I made contact.She quivered and jerked as I held her ass tightly with both hands underneath her and fucked hard.Her orgasm was unmistakable.Her cunt clasped around my cock as she shivered, and came hard, her legs locked tightly around my waist, her pelvis humping back at me.

On the way home, Dot leaned back into the front seat next to me, her fingers still delving into her crotch.She told me she walked into the dark bedroom and slipped under the covers next to Jim.He was passed out drunk but became aware of Dot 's naked body snuggling next to him.He didn't say a word as she found his mouth and worked her way down to his cock.He moaned loudly as he felt her mouth engulf his tumescent cock.Dot stroked and sucked till it was fully erect.She wanted to fuck him before he lost the wonderful hard-on in her mouth so she climbed up on top and lowered herself on it.He shot his load into her and she had a well deserved cum before he passed out again. I knew my wife would need a good orgasm first thing in the usual.

Jerry and Shirley.This fun couple cameto Juneau after we had hooked up with Skeet and Karen.Jerry was a new military arrival.He was 35 or so.His wife Shirley was a couple of years younger.She was an Oklahoma girl of Cherokee and French extraction.A classic dark beauty with waist-long, straight black hair and a wonderful body.They seemed to be pretty liberal like us and quickly joined in the dining and dancing with the regular crowd at the Elks Club and occasionally at one of our other favorite watering shortage of cozy watering holes in this town.

Since we had been on station in Juneau a year already before Jerry and Shirley arrived our commander assigned me as his sponsor.A common militarycourtesy. Our tour of duty usually ran for two years and we could extend our overseas tours by two or four years.Alaska was considered overseas duty for military personnel.Most everyone stayed in Alaska as long as they were allowed.Jerry and Shirley were a typical career military couple.As part of their introduction toJuneau Jerry was inducted into the Elks Club.In no time at all they were part ofthe regular crowd.It didn't take long for the sexual tensions between us became obvious.

Dot told me, "I wouldn't mind fucking Jerry if you want to get something started with them.Karen said she told Shirley about our little group."

Eventually, it came time when we unanimously decided to get together soon.So not long after, we went out dancing with them one snowy night at a place on the highway near the airport called The Tides.That evening I groped Shirley's ass and made out with her all night.She was horny and didn't mind me knowing it.

Through the smoke and other people on the dance floor II could see Jerry leaning in his towards Dot kissing her neck and fondling her breast. Dot's hands were under the table.When we went back there Shirley brought the subject up.It was still unsaid but we knew we were going to fuck sooner than later. We were so hot for each other at that point that all that was needed was verbalizing our unanimous intent to have our long anticipated foursome.

Shirley leaned into the table and motioned us to come close, "Karen told me that you and them swing together. Jerry and I want to swing with you too."

Dot and I glanced at each other and smiled.Dot said to them, "We've been swinging since we first married.We had good friends in Germany and later in California.We party with Karen and Skeet and their friends, Jack and Sue. But, yes. We've been talking about it too." We did not mention Martinabecause she made us give her our solemn promise not to tell anyone about whatever happened that night. But, they were destined to meet later on. Jerry and Shirley smiled at each other too.

Jerry picked up his cocktail glass laughing, "To good friends! Let's party!"

The table was small so we were sitting very close anyway.Dot leaned toward Jerry and brought her arm around his neck to kiss him.I sucked on Shirley's neck and she grasped my hard-on through my trousers.Dot and Jerry were doing much the same. Shirley suggested,"We're having too much fun.We'll have much more fun if we go home and get comfortable. " Dot held her hands out to Shirley who took them in hers. They leaned in close and kissed. Nothing outrageous, just a kiss on the lips, but it created a burst of anticipation with squeals and giggles between them.They were ready. We were all horny as hell.

My wife and Jerry paired up as we sloshedthrough the snow in the parking lot,Jerryled Dotto the front passenger seat and with a sly smile said, "Dot's going keep me company up front."Taking his cue, Shirley and I climbed into the back seat.Jerry started the engine to get the heater defroster going.It would take the next twenty minutes to clear the windshield.

"Now, you two keep each other warm back there!" Jerry laughed, and then to Dot, "Slide over gorgeous." Dot did his bidding and they quickly locked lips in the front seat.I knew my wife was groping for his cock. My own was receiving attention from Shirley's busy fingers too. I felt her warm panting breath on my face.She turned in the seat and lay in my lap facing me. I massaged her breasts under her coat then reached under her dress and felt her thigh past the top of her nylons.I found a warm dampness and once past her panty crotch I moistened my fingers between her wet labia. Our tongues wrestled and I couldn't help thinking what that tongue would feel like on my cock which happened to be throbbing in her fist at the moment.

"Are you two having a good time yet?"Shirley taunted my wife and Jerry.

Dot raised her head, "You bet your sweet ass, lady!"Dot's head disappeared again. Jerry's head leaned back on the headrest moaning softly. Dot loved to give head and I knew that before the morning came her head would be between Shirley's legs too.

Dot sat back up as Jerry drove out of the parking lot.She turned and looked into the back seat and she smiled at me, "Good?" I took my fingers out from between Shirley'slegs and extended my arm toward my wife.She leaned over the front seat, took my fingers in her mouth and sucked like she had just been sucking Jerry."Mmmmm....very nice! I'm going to get some of that tonight."

"Yummy!" Shirley said to her, "I love married pussy!Karen practically guaranteed a good time with you."

Jerry laughed again, "Oh yeah! She does love pussy!"

Dot knelt on the front seat facing rearwards,leaned over and reached between Shirley's legs where my hand was. My wife's fingers poked under my hand so she could feel Shirley's warm labia then said to her, "We'll have a great time you and me, but I need to get some of your husband's hard cock in me soon."

Shirley held her hand to my wife's cheek, "I can hardly wait. It's been months since I've been with a woman. We can take our time after we finish off the men." The ladies laughed at their own humor.Shirley told us about her sexual experiences while Jerry was off on temporary duty somewhere,as military wives are often left.

Once we got into their apartment my wife and Jerry disappeared into a bedroom and Shirley settled on the living room couch. Dot was in a hurry. I could hear their voices coming from the bedroom....Dot gasped and moaned...Jerry grunted and grunted.

I turned to Shirley and when I got to the couch I knelt between her legs and spread her knees. My palms flat, I moved my hands up her warm thighs till I found her cunt. I felt it through the cloth and pressed my fingers to her labia to form a damp crevice. I pressed my nose to the cloth and inhaled the musky sweet aroma of the woman. Then I bit gingerly at her mound through the cloth.

"Eat me, honey."

I lifted my face to hers and told her, "I'm going lick you from asshole to belly button."Our mouths met and I tasted her lipstick and her tongue. I clasped one tit with both hands and sucked her nipple. I paid tribute to the other before I went back to my knees between her legs and reached under her ass and after I had groped and squeezed her buttocks I tugged at her panties and helped her out of them. She still had stockings on. I felt her hands on my head pulling me into her. I offered no resistance and covered her mons with my mouth.I licked and sucked at her inner folds. Her pussy was newly shaved and I savored the smooth and warm wet flesh that filled my mouth. Shirley wrapped her legs around my shoulders and I reached up to feel her heaving breasts.

We both heard Dot moaning in the bedroom, "Aaaah Jerry!Fuck me,baby!"

As I sucked at her clit, Shirley panted, "S-s-sounds like Dot's g-getting a good f-f--fucking. Come up and lay with me."We both stood up and removed the last of our clothes.When she stretched out on the couch I went back to her pussy and she pulled my hips to her head. We lay on our side head to foot. She rested her face on my inner thigh and I did the same.Her mouth was warm, wet and her tongue formed around my helmet with the suction she applied.She was a gifted cocksucker.My right arm was underneath me so all I could do was wrap it around her right leg but my left arm was free to roam from her tits and back to her pussy where my mouth was firmly latched, tongue busy. My wife taught me how to eat pussy.

I watched her closely many times so I learned well. I've watched my wife's cheeks hallow where her mouth is sucking on a woman's clit. She sucks in first one side of the labia and pulls it out so it stretches, especially if the woman has big lips.I've watched her insert her tongue deep into a cunt and then lick her way out to the woman's pucker hole, flicking at it lightly before delving into it.

With visions of my wife performing cunnilingus on this same woman tonight I applied myself and I knew that I would cum in her mouth if I didn't concentrate on her pussy like she was concentrating on my swollen cock. Her cunt was undulating under my mouth. It was difficult to maintain suction on her and keep two fingers buried in her up to the knuckles, but I persisted. Then I felt my wife's hands, one on my ass the other on the back of my head. The hand left my ass and I felt it looking for my hard cock. It was in Shirley's mouth. Dot's fingers lingered on Shirley's lips who opened her mouth to let my wife's fingers in next to my cock then sucked on both.

Dot tapped the back of my head, "Be a sweetheart, Ted, let me have her now for a bit. You don't want to cum yet anyway, right?" I was intensely aroused with anticipation and eager to see the women get it on. I knew I was going to love this.I always did.Jerry had refreshed our drinks and sat by close by sipping and smoking.His limp dick lay on his lap. I knew Dot had given it a good workout.

"Tell me," I said. She knew what I wanted. She always knew. She knew I loved to see her with women and that I wanted to be her little helper.She knew that I knew that when she needed a good fuckI wanted to watch, sometimes not when I was busy elsewhere. But I wanted to hear her tell me how good it was for her.

"Jerry gave me just what I needed to get me warmed up. We did a sixty-ninetoo but I wouldn't let him cum in my mouth. He's good, honey and I needed him to cum hard in my pussy. I'm going fuck him again later. Now we can take our time and really enjoy ourselves all together."

"Hah!" We looked at Jerry. "You're going have to go on without me, I need a little recuperation time." Looking at me, he said, "Your wife made me work up a good sweat, compadre. It won't take me long to catch up watching you girls."

Dot took my place on the couch with Shirley. They lay face-to-face at first. It was a natural fit. Blonde to brunette. Perfect contrast.The were both about the same height. Both long legged.Arms and legs wrapped tightly around each other, mouths locked and twisting. They sucked and massaged each other's breasts.

Dot slid down Shirley's stomach and between her legs. I still had a raging hard-on so I knelt on the edge within Shirley's reach.Her mouth opened and Dot licked at it as it went into Shirley's mouth.They took turns till I shot my load into both their faces.I collapsed on the carpet and the women turned to devour each other's cunts.They enthusiastically engagedtheir 69 without giving much thought to their spent men.They took their time but eventually we all went into the bedroom.I watched Dot as she straddled Jerry on top and lowered herself onto his prick.Shirley lay next to her husband facing hiimand kissed his mouth as she fondled his cock and Dot's pussy.She draped her right leg over his stomach and I moved in behind her.I fit my cock between her asscheeks and found her cunt wet and ready.

Shirley panted, "Are you h-aving a good t-time, honey?"

"Oh, yeah, babe!And you?Ican tell he's giving it to you good."I pushed her into him each time I thrust deep. Dotrode Jerry hard andshe was about to have another orgasm.

"I'm going to cum again, honey!I"m so fucking horny I've got to cum again!" Jerry'spelvis jerked up and he shot his loadinto my wife again.When Dot lifted herself off Jerry, Shirley took his cock in her mouth and he jerked and twitched as she licked him clean.
Shirley came with me in her cunt and her husband's cock in her mouth. Dot lay back fingering herself till Shirley separated from me, climbed over Jerry, and removed Dot's fingers to go in for cream pie.

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Alaska Nights, episode 6